we help you generate more leads,

by building automated sales & marketing funnels,

leaving you to focus on what you do best!

Without a consistent flow of high quality leads, your property business is dying!
Scaremongery? Possibly, but think about it…
If you don’t have a steady, predictable flow of leads coming into your business, how will you survive? 
It’s very easy to forget about lead generation when you’re focused on delivering your service to your customers. 
And are you even that interested in doing it? 
After all, your skills lie in the delivery of what you do! Not doing things like posting on social media, blogging, email marketing, paid advertising, website building etc, right? 
I bet even just reading all of those things you “need to do” sent shivers down your spine! 
The truth is, all those things do form part of an ongoing marketing strategy, but do you really need ALL of them in your business right now? 
You’ll be glad to hear the answer’s no, you don’t
What you do need is something called a marketing funnel. 
“But what’s a marketing funnel?”
Well, it’s something that takes little bits of all of the above and turns them into a “machine” that generates high quality leads for your property business on auto-pilot. 
And fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place as it’s exactly what we do for businesses like yours. 

how we help property businesses like you...

free support

We want to ensure we help as many property businesses as possible and understand that not everyone’s ready to invest in outside support just yet. 

So whether you’re unable to afford help right now, or you want to have a go yourself, we want to offer some assistance to get you going. 

We’re always adding content to our blog, podcast and YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to whichever medium you prefer.


Our Growthology Blog offers tips, tricks and resources to help you generate more leads for your property business.


The Growthology podcast is the audio version of our blog. In addition we host a regular Q&A session ("ask our growthologists") as well as guest interviews with industry leading marketing experts

YouTube Channel

Video more your thing? Then get yourself over to our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on our brand new video content every week!

ready to invest in lead generation support for your property business?

If you’re ready to invest in the lead generation function of your business, we have a few options available, depending on what your goals and needs are. 

From our full funnel build service to ongoing lead generation support via social media management and paid advertising, we’ve got your covered. 

When working with us you can be assured that, whilst we have extensive property industry and marketing experience, we want to learn from you so we can attract your ideal customers and stop time wasters and low value work coming into your business. 

Full Funnel Build Bundle

We'll build a full lead generation marketing funnel designed to get you high quality leads from your ideal customers. Our funnel build take elements of the full marketing process and creates a series of steps your traffic will go through before becoming customers.

Organic & Paid Traffic

"Traffic" is the marketing term for visitors to your funnel. This includes free and paid traffic via social media management (organic) and social media marketing (paid). Once your funnel has been built we will manage your traffic to ensure you're always getting high quality leads into your business.

Content Creation

We can strategically create content for your property business to support your lead generation funnel. It's not enough just to "post for the sake of posting" anymore. Content strategy is really important and we will work with you to ensure there's a purpose behind every piece of content you create.

Email Marketing

Once you've captured a lead it's important to ensure that you nurture them by maintaining contact until the point they're ready to say yes to your service. We will create full email nurture sequences designed to build your authority, gain the trust of your prospect and get them to contact you when the time's right.

who we help...

With over 17 years property industry experience it made perfect sense to focus our attention on businesses within a sector we know really well.

We understand what’s going on in the mind of the leads you’re trying to acquire. This makes our funnel building process so much easier! 

Combine our knowledge and experience with your expertise and we’ve got a recipe for fantastic success.  

Professional Services

Including mortgage brokers, financial advisers, surveyors, architects and solicitors.  We help your business generate high quality leads for a specific product or service you're looking to promote. Alternatively, we just become your marketing team - whatever you need us for, we'll be there! 

Sales & Letting Agents

Having spent 9 years in property agency ourselves, we understand the importance of generating vendor and landlord leads. With so many competitors in the market these days it's important to get to your prospect first and that's what we help you do. 


You're qualified to do what you do best - your trade, your craft, your area of expertise. You don't want to be thinking about marketing or posting on social media! That's where we step in. We take care of all that marketing "stuff" so you can do more of what you're best at! 

a little bit about growthology

Launched in 2022 to fill a gap in the property sector, the Growthology Group and our “Growthologists” specialise in building and managing lead generation and conversion funnels. 

With 20 years sales & marketing experience (17 of which within the property sector) we understand your ideal customers which helps us build successful, highly converting marketing funnels for your business. 

We focus on generating leads so you can focus on what you do best!