Client Results

Growthology Group is an innovative business consulting company that leverages modern technology, sophisticated data collection, and long standing industry relationships to help increase your company's sales, generate qualified leads, and increase profits.  I was impressed by their ability to tailor solutions to fit my business needs with a unique business assessment model that has over 100+ categories designed to generate a comprehensive business profile that will differentiate my business from others.  This approach allows the team to provide personalized business solutions that are designed specifically for the unique opportunities of your business.  

J. Allen
Small Business Owner - Insurance Services 9/2019

For financial advisers, there are many concerns that arise on a daily basis when running a practice: i.e. regulatory concerns from a marketing standpoint, studying the capital markets, client relations, etc. Sometimes it can be a tremendous burden just to maintain the status quo, let alone curate a book of business while bringing on new, high quality clients - but, in a financial practice, this is key. Darrin and Gene tighten the slack by showing the real dollar value of specific business activities, breaking down the key areas that can grow revenues while economizing time and honing in on how to improve in those areas. What I think is particularly valuable in a private firm setting is that Darrin and Gene essentially take on the marketing role of the firm, using their expertise to find and engage the ideal client so that the adviser can continue to do the job that he or she does best, while revenues and client quality simply increase. It's truly a study in business growth, but the adviser isn't left alone with a diagnosis. Growthology Group will make a plan and execute until success is achieved. End result: more assets under management, higher quality clients, more time advising, less wheel-spinning.

R. McKnight
Small Business Owner - Financial Services Professional


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